We never lose sight of the fact that Braverman Greenspun acts as a source of advice and guidance with regard to one of the most important facets of people’s daily lives—their home.  We do not take for granted the trust and confidence our clients place in us; so, in light of recent events, we wanted to share how BG is handling the current COVID-19 outbreak to protect our own community and to ensure that we remain able to assist our clients in the standard that they expect during this unprecedented time.

Like most of you, we have been monitoring daily updates from the local and federal authorities and medical community concerning the rapid spread of COVID-19 and the need to maintain social distancing.  For years, the firm has prided itself on having a liberal telecommuting policy, and while we did not envision the circumstances that we are currently facing, we were well prepared for our decision this week to have our entire professional and administrative staff work remotely for at least the next several weeks.  This will allow us to maintain the smooth operation of our firm and provide uninterrupted service to our clients while also protecting the health and mental wellness of our employees.

Several years ago the firm transitioned to an essentially paperless, cloud-based office, such that (i) all client documents and communications are readily and securely accessible from any location; (ii) each of our attorneys can be reached on their mobile phones simply by calling their extensions or in-office direct dials; and (iii) remote, multi-party video-conferencing can be coordinated quickly and easily across a number of platforms.  As such, we are confident that you will not experience any change in our attorneys’ responsiveness or our ability to rapidly address your legal needs.

These are challenging times, but at BG, we know that we will get through them as we always have – together.