Got Mold? Rob Braverman Answers a Shareholder’s Question Concerning Mold Remediation in the Sunday New York Times

  |   By Robert J. Braverman

A shareholder experiencing recurring mold growth in a co-op apartment caused by neighboring construction wrote to the New York Times seeking advice.   Although the neighboring developer had cleaned the mold and replaced the drywall multiple times pursuant to an agreement with the co-op, the shareholder had not received a copy of the mold test results or remediation reports and the co-op board and managing agent had ignored the shareholder’s requests for assistance.  Rob Braverman explained that the board, not the shareholder, was “in a position to enforce the terms of the agreement” with the neighboring developer and offer the shareholder several options for moving forward, including retaining an environmental consultant to test the apartment for hazardous levels of mold.

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