Tracy Peterson Featured in Law360 Pulse on Advice for New Lawyer Parents

There are numerous challenges that come with being both a parent and a lawyer. A report by the American Bar Association found that 70% of mothers and 41% of fathers working in law firms feel overwhelmed with everything they have to do, and 69% of mothers and 52% of fathers experience stress about work.

Partner Tracy Peterson shared her advice to new lawyer parents for maintaining a work-life balance with Law360 Pulse:

“The thing that helped me the most as a new parent — and continues to help me as the parent of a middle schooler — is flexibility in scheduling. My firm worked with me early on, before working from home was standard fare, allowing me to be home on Fridays each week. This allowed me to focus on being a lawyer, at the office, Monday through Thursday, and to get “life” stuff [like] grocery shopping, medical appointments, etc. done on Fridays when my child was with a caregiver or in school, and to have the weekends to recharge and enjoy family time. [I]f it is possible for lawyer-parents to set aside a day (or part of a day) each week when their child is in day care, or with a caregiver or in school, and they can just be themselves, and not a lawyer, mom, dad, spouse, etc., it can do wonders for focus and productivity at work and at home.”

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