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Robert Braverman Featured in Habitat Magazine

An article written by Robert Braverman was featured in the January 2019 edition of Habitat Magazine. In his article, Mr. Braverman discusses the rights that… Read More

Does a Co-op Penthouse Owner Have Exclusive Use of Roof Over Apartment?

The distinction between the roof over a penthouse apartment and the roof over the other apartments below the penthouse level may be physically clear, but… Read More

Scott Greenspun Answers a Shareholder’s Question on Balcony Construction in the New York Times

In last Saturday’s New York Times, a new co-op shareholder wrote in to ask if there was any way to stop their neighbor from building… Read More

Robert Braverman Featured in Habitat Magazine

  In a recent article featured in Habitat Magazine, Rob Braverman tackles the gray area of whether a condominium board has a legal obligation to… Read More

Is Your Balcony Enclosure “Safe” from a DOB Inspection?

In the wake to two tragic fatalities resulting from balcony railing failures, balcony enclosure compliance is being ensured through required façade inspections by the Department… Read More

New York City Administrative Code Now Requires All Co-op and Condominium Buildings to Adopt Smoking Policy

In August 2017, the New York City Council enacted a change to Local Law 147 of the City of New York (Section 17-502 of the… Read More

Got Mold? Rob Braverman Answers a Shareholder’s Question Concerning Mold Remediation in the Sunday New York Times

A shareholder experiencing recurring mold growth in a co-op apartment caused by neighboring construction wrote to the New York Times seeking advice.   Although the neighboring… Read More

Tracy Peterson Obtains Order From Appellate Division, First Department, Reversing Summary Judgment In Case Addressing Permitted Use of Condominium Retail Unit

Tracy Peterson successfully appealed a decision of the Supreme Court, New York County, which granted summary judgment to the owner of a retail unit in… Read More

Recent First Department Decision Provides Guidance for Cooperatives and Cooperative Shareholders

When a co-op board amends governing documents to add rules pertaining to outdoor terraces, what statute of limitations applies to a shareholder’s challenge to such… Read More

Robert Braverman Quoted in Habitat Weekly on Boards’ Use of Non-Disclosure Agreements

Robert Braverman Quoted in Habitat Weekly on Boards’ Use of Non-Disclosure Agreements Read More

Scott Greenspun featured in Habitat Magazine

  Scott Greenspun featured in Habitat Magazine Read More

Tatiana Pawlowski ’17 Joins the Conversation on Urban Agriculture

Tatiana Pawlowski is profiled in the Fall edition of Brooklyn Law School’s Law Notes magazine.  The article highlights Tatiana’s white paper entitled, “From Food Deserts to Just… Read More

Tracy Peterson Successfully Defends Against Appellate Challenge to Cooperative House Rules

Tracy Peterson successfully defended against the appeal of a decision rendered in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, New York County, determining… Read More

Like a Good Neighbor, Stay Over There

Every New Yorker is familiar with the ubiquitous sidewalk shed.  For condominium and cooperative boards and owners, the metal and plywood eyesore designed to keep… Read More

Condo Board Options in Dealing with Second-Hand Smoke Complaints

One of the most prevalent issues faced by a condominium board of managers and their managing agents are complaints about marijuana and cigarette smoke/odors.  In… Read More

Condos and Co-ops: Is Your Worker’s Comp Coverage in Place?

Properly insuring your building is one of the more important responsibilities of a co-op or condominium board.  Most governing documents require that the property be… Read More